Using just 5 cubes keeps wine at fridge temperature

Perfect drinking temperature

Keeps wine at fridge temperature for an hour on the tabletop

Crafted from aluminium

A simple, modern design that’s effective, stylish and sophisticated

Efficient cooling

Thermal conductivity keeps wine cool, naturally and effectively

Uses just five ice cubes

By using the Hielo® wine cooler you can save approx 92% energy/emissions over the standard ice bucket *This product has been COe assessed

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Better than an ice bucket

Designed with intelligence Using just 5 ice cubes through thermal conductivity the Hielo® wine cooler maintains a perfect temperature.

At 223mm tall and with an internal diameter of 105mm the Hielo® wine cooler can also accommodate larger and wider bottles such as Bollinger and Laurent-Perrier champagnes.stylish and sophisticated

Functional and responsible

We believe in doing more with less. That’s why we created a wine cooler that not only allows you to enjoy wine with each consecutive glass, but also serves it to you at the optimum temperature.

Best of all, the Hielo® eco friendly wine cooler only needs five ice cubes to work. Producing, buying and storing ice can be expensive, inconvenient and has an impact on the environment. The Hielo® keeps wine chilled for longer with minimal resources and effort – making it less costly both to you and the planet.

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