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Hielo, the pioneering company behind the innovative Hielo® cooler, achieved a significant milestone when it was featured in easyJet's prestigious On Board magazine in December 2020. This recognition was a true testament to Hielo's dedication to creating groundbreaking products that enhance the travel experience. The prominent feature in the magazine not only validated the cooler's innovation and quality but also provided Hielo with increased exposure and brand awareness among millions of easyJet passengers.

easyJet On Board magazineAugust 2020

Hielo experienced a tremendous sense of privilege when it was featured in the prestigious publication "Christmas with Le Cordon Bleu," in partnership with Fortnum & Mason. Recognizing the Hielo® cooler as an exceptional gift choice, this collaboration affirmed the company's belief in its product's appeal and quality. The inclusion in such a renowned publication highlighted Hielo's standing as a brand that aligns with culinary excellence and elevated its reputation among discerning customers.

Christmas with Le Cordon BleuDecember 2020

Hielo's wine coolers have become sought-after additions in hotels, bars, and restaurants across the UK, Europe, and the US. The collaboration with Supper magazine proved to be a perfect match, providing an ideal platform to showcase Hielo's beautifully designed bar product. With sommeliers, bar managers, and CEOs discovering Hielo's wine coolers through the magazine, their introduction in Supper paved the way for real-life experiences and endorsements.

Supper Hotel MagazineMarch 2021

Hielo® has become a hallmark of luxury in the wine and champagne sector, delivering an exceptional experience to discerning customers. Their innovative coolers have eliminated the disappointment of warm white wine, offering the perfect temperature for up to an hour. The combination of functionality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail has made Hielo® an indispensable accessory in luxury hospitality. With a commitment to continuous innovation, Hielo® is poised to elevate the standards of luxury further and leave a lasting impression on those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Luxury Hospitality with Hielo®July 2021