From Manhattan to the Mediterranean

The Hielo® is the simple and stylish new way to keep wine chilled on the tabletop, using natural cooling technology that’s as simple as it is effective.

The minimal design of the Hielo® is inspired by luxury Manhattan dining – where soaring stone-and-metal skyscrapers touch the blue sky.

Add that to the rich tradition of Mediterranean cultivation that supplies the finest flavours to customers all over the world, and the Hielo® is an elegant marriage of urban sophistication and rustic integrity.

Carefully considered,
beautifully crafted

Multiple factors make a memorable meal: bold combinations, balanced flavours and perfect preparation. Keeping wine at the ideal drinking temperature is something we often take for granted.

Making sure a wine doesn’t lose its cool is nothing new to sommeliers and wine connoisseurs. Bringing it to life effectively, simply and responsibly hasn’t been as easy.

The Hielo® maintains a temperature as close to fridge conditions as possible, where wine can rest on the tabletop without losing its cool – or being over-chilled. Many conventional wine buckets and tabletop coolers use thermal conduction to actively chill wine bottles straight from the fridge, using cold metal or excessive ice.

The Hielo’s intelligent design works in reverse, increasing coolness over time to counteract wine getting naturally warmer. It uses just five ice cubes to create a perfectly cool internal chamber where wine stays fresh and refrigerated but doesn’t turn ice cold.

The Hielo’s patented design ensures no direct contact with ice or water, so bottles stay dry and drip-free – ensuring a pleasant, safe and mess-free experience whether at home or in the restaurant.

Beautiful, functional and responsible

We believe in doing more with less. Producing, buying and storing ice can be expensive, inconvenient and has an impact on the environment. The Hielo® only needs five ice cubes to work – keeping wine chilled for longer with minimal resources and effort – making it less costly both to you and the planet.

It's something we believe in, so we asked Carbon Footprint Ltd to assess the Hielo® – the result, the Hielo® saves 92% energy/emissions compared to a standard ice bucket. We also assessed the whole product life cycle – from sourcing the raw materials, manufacturing and transport, to customer usage and disposal – scoring Good to Excellent in all areas. And we continue to reduce our carbon footprint by ensuring all the materials used in the Hielo® are easily and widely recycled.

Together we can keep wine chilled for longer, use less resources and help meet sustainability targets.


Respecting the journey

From grape selection and vineyard growth to pressing, travelling and bottling – we’re all about respecting the journey of the grape. Like millions of wine lovers around the world, we know that a delicious bottle of wine is always best enjoyed in the right conditions – so finding a way to maintain fridge temperature has become our mission. We’re passionate about preserving and respecting the journey of the grape, and the Hielo® allows you to do exactly that.

The Hielo® is available now for wholesale order.


Trade Enquiries

Trade Enquiries

The Hielo® wine cooler by Ice Cool Design represents tableware innovation that’s a hospitality must-have.

In an age where customers are often required to handle and serve their own wine, the Hielo’s use of thermal conductivity, rather than contact cooling, enables guests to handle chilled bottles without wetness, peeling labels or accidental slips – using just five ice cubes for over an hour of cooling time.

The Hielo’s simple cooling ability maintains fridge temperature gently rather than immersing bottles in ice or cold water. The internal stilts keep the wine bottle elevated from ice and liquid, so hospitality owners can give their guests a fuss–free, mess–free wine experience.

It also cuts the cost of excessive ice use compared to traditional wine coolers and ice buckets.

Get in touch today to find out how you could transform your venue’s dining service with true tableware innovation.

The Hielo® wine cooler represents tableware innovation that’s a hospitality must-have.

With the Hielo®, hospitality business owners can give their guests a fuss–free, mess–free wine experience.

It also cuts the cost of excessive ice use compared to traditional wine coolers and ice buckets.

The Hielo® is available now for wholesale order.

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