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Set your business apart with our bespoke diamond etched wine coolers

Introducing the HIELO ‘Aluminium’ Wine Cooler from Ice Cool Design a revolutionary cooling solution that goes beyond conventional wine coolers. Crafted with precision using high-quality aluminium, renowned for its exceptional heat exchange properties, this wine cooler is an experience in itself.
As you run your fingers along its sleek, metallic surface, you’ll immediately sense the premium craftsmanship and the cool touch that signifies its excellent heat dissipation capabilities. The HIELO Wine Cooler not only keeps your favourite wines at the perfect temperature but elevates the entire wine-drinking experience.
The exterior of the cooler is a testament to modern design, featuring a seamless aluminium construction that not only enhances durability but also exudes sophistication. The smooth, matte finish is pleasing to the touch, and the cooler’s lightweight nature adds a level of practicality that sets it apart.
What truly makes this wine cooler stand out is its ability to create an optimal environment for your wine collection. The aluminium body acts as a highly efficient heat exchanger, maintaining a consistent temperature inside the cooler. This ensures that your whites, and sparkling wines are preserved at their ideal serving temperatures, allowing you to enjoy each bottle to its fullest potential
The Hielo Wine Cooler is now available in bulk order quanities at trade prices. Set your business apart now with our bespoke laser engraved wine coolers.
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Elite Bronze as shown in photos, shipped from our UK warehouse @ £15 each plain or £25 each engraved.
Shipping to mainland UK is £8 per box of 12 coolers via UPS.
Minimum order: 12 coolers – prices exclude VAT – All major credit cards accepted.
The process is simple, we just need your logo as a vector file – get in touch now!